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The weight and size of the Anker SoundCore Space Q45 white model, which is different from Q35 review

Anker Soundcore Space Q45 white model review summary

The Anker SoundCore Space Q45 headphones will be released mid-2022. At the beginning of the release, only black products were released, but a white model was recently added. This time, I'm going to review the recently released Anker SoundCore Space Q45 (White model) headphones.

Anker SoundCore Space Q45 (Anker SoundCore Space Q45) To sum up my impressions of using headphones, it feels like a product that focuses on luxury and essential parts.

If the soundcore life Q35, which was the previous work, had the feeling that I put everything in because I didn't know what I would like, the Q45 has the feeling that I focused on the main functions and made them good rather than putting them all in. So in some parts I am satisfied, but in some parts I am disappointed.

The unboxing and appearance of the product can be found at the link below.

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weight and size

I compared the case for storing headphones with the previous Soundcore Life Q35.

The case of the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones weighs 194.6g and the case of the previous Q35 weighs 166.6g. The Q45 is made of artificial leather, and the previous one is made of suede, so it is about 30g heavier than the previous one.

The weight of the headphones has also increased by about 30g compared to the previous Soundcore Life Q35. Perhaps the battery capacity has been increased to increase the playing time, or it has been increased due to an increase in parts or a change in material. So, if you carry it with a case, it will add about 60g in weight.

The band size of the headphones is similar to the previous one, but the size of the unit has increased, so when you put the two products side by side, it feels bigger.

Anker Soundcore Space Q45 White Model Testimonials, Reviews

1. Soundcore Space Q45 Appearance Review

Although the color is different, it is easy to understand by comparing the improvement and the deterioration compared to the previous one, so I will compare it with the Q35 model I was using.

As I mentioned earlier, the size of the headphone unit has increased, so it feels like the overall size has increased. And the surface treatment of the material, the change of the design, and the combination of colors give it a luxurious feeling.

The hinge method has been changed so when the headphones are placed on the floor, the Q35 lays flat, but the Q45 lays flat on one unit, but tilts the other unit, making it difficult to lay flat.

The reason why the headphones cannot be laid flat is that the hinge part has elasticity. The Q35 only has a structure that connects the unit and the band, but the Q45 has an elastic hinge at the top of the unit, so it serves as an auxiliary function to fix the headphones to the head with the band when the headphones are worn.

The white paper connected to the unit has elasticity, so it has the advantage of increasing the fixing force when the headphones are worn, but on the contrary, when putting them in the case, the unit does not lie flat, which causes inconvenience to press when closing the case.

One of the strengths of this product is that the structure of the hinge and band has changed, reducing the Yoda-like feeling when worn. When I wore the previous Q35, there was a lot of space between the headphone unit and the band, so I felt a lot like Yoda.

The way the band is stretched is different from previous products. In the case of the previous soundcore life Q35, there is a part with a hole in the middle of the band, but the Q45 has been changed to a design with a groove cut in the band. Maybe that's why it feels a little more luxurious, and the sound you hear when you stretch or shorten the band is reduced and it works smoothly.

Instead, it looks like it stretches to a similar length on the outside, but when you actually wear it, it feels like the headphones are small, perhaps because of the tension of the band. In fact, when both products are stretched to the maximum and worn, the Q35 feels like it is left over, but the Q45 feels just right, so it would be uncomfortable for people with large heads.

The components are also slightly different from the previous work, but the connection jack that can be used in the airplane in the previous work is missing, and the pouch that can store the components is also missing. And the 3.5 pi wired connection cable was also a structure with one side bent at 90 degrees in the previous one, but it has been changed to a straight structure.

The connection jack used in airplanes is not used in recent airplanes, so it doesn't matter much, but the part that excludes the storage pouch is thought to be for the purpose of reducing the cost, so it feels regrettable.

On the left side of the unit, there are volume control and play/pause buttons, and next to it is a 3.5-pi connection jack. And at the bottom, there is a hole drilled through which I think the microphone will be.

The volume button increases/decreases as one part, and the volume control and play buttons have intaglios on each button, giving it a luxurious feel. The volume button can be used to move to the previous or next song by pressing it for about 2 seconds. In addition to playing/pausing music, the play button can be used to answer or end a call when a call comes in, and can be used as a call rejection function when pressed for 2 seconds.

In the previous version, the Q35, there is a protrusion on the volume down button among the buttons that control the volume, so you can easily know the button without looking at the button, but the Q45 lacks an intuitive feel when using it because there is no such part.

There are many perforations in the part where the microphone is located, so it seems to be helpful for the microphone to pick up sound.

On the right side of the unit, there is a USB Type-C port for charging, a power on/off button, and a noise canceling function button next to it.

First, looking at the noise canceling button, basically, each time you press it, the function changes in the order of noise canceling > normal > listening to ambient sound. If you install the app, you can change it so that you can selectively use only the desired function.

If you press the Power On/Off button for about 2 seconds, you can turn the power on or off, and if you press it for more than 5 seconds, it goes into Bluetooth pairing standby. The Q45 is capable of multi-pairing, so you can connect two devices. If you click the power button continuously while connected to one device, you can connect to the other device.

I looked at all the buttons on the right unit, and one function on the right unit, which was in the previous Q35, was missing from the Q45. What's missing is a touch function that allows you to change the noise canceling function by placing your palm on the outside of the unit. When I urgently turned on or off the noise canceling function, I could easily change it without having to find a button and fumble, which was a very useful feature, but for some reason the function was missing.

The hinge part is a structure that goes inside the unit, and it has a design similar to other headphones that have recently come out, and thanks to the structure and material, it gives a luxurious feeling. Although it uses a hinge structure similar to other headphones, it can be folded like the previous one, making it easy to carry in a bag.

The headband part feels a bit thinner than the previous one, and the material used inside the cushion has changed, so it goes in smoothly, but it's too deep, so it's unfortunate that you feel pressure on the top of your head when you wear it.

Inside the unit, L and R are printed to distinguish the left and right as in the previous product, and the ear cushion part is much softer than the previous product and feels similar to memory foam, so it feels much more comfortable when worn. And since the unit itself has been enlarged, the space inside is also wider, so people with large ears can wear it comfortably.

2. Soundcore Space Q45 App

The Q45 has more functions that can be set through the app compared to its predecessor. In the previous product, except for firmware update and equalizer setting, there were no functions of the headphone itself that could be set, but this product has quite a few features, such as button function setting, noise canceling method or strength change, and maximum volume limit function to protect hearing. function can be set.

And the fact that the menu of the app has been organized so that you can set the function in just two steps is also a good thing.

3. Soundcore Space Q45 Sound

The price is higher than before. However, since its launch, discounts have been continuously held through events, so if you buy it at a discounted price, it is one of the products with a high price-to-price ratio. I think it will be a good product.

When you apply the Soundcore signature equalizer and listen to music, it sounds very different from the Q35. In the case of the Q35, the bass is basically emphasized, but in the case of the Q45, the bass is not booming like the Q35. Instead of feeling like the amount of bass has been reduced, it feels like the bass has become tight and punchy.

If the Q35's low-pitched sound is expressed as "doo-woong", the Q45's low-pitched sound can be expressed as "doo-woong".

The punchy feeling of the bass part has been strengthened and the amount has been reduced, but instead, the overall sense of space is widened, giving a cool feeling. In particular, when I listened to the vocal part, I was able to get the feeling that it was heard in a wide space.

If you look at Anker's sound equipment, it tends to give a lot of bass-emphasized sound, so if you liked Anker's low-pitched sound, you may be disappointed. became.

When you activate the BaseUp function, you can feel that the amount of bass is greatly increased, just like the Q35. The amount of bass is increased, but the punch is maintained, so you can hear a different bass than the Q35. Instead, not only the volume of the bass part is heard, but the vocal sound also increases. If you listen closely, the sound is not just increased, but it seems that the sound has increased as the sense of space has decreased compared to before turning on BaseUp.

In the treble, I was able to give a feeling similar to Sony's WH1000X series, but on the other hand, I feel that there is still a long way to go because the punchy feeling of the bass is saved and the amount is reduced.

Even if you use BaseUp, it would have been perfect if you could maintain the sense of space before turning it on, but it was a bit disappointing that there was no middle. Instead, I think it's a good part in that it can satisfy both those who want the big bass of the previous Q35 and those who want a wide sense of space even if the bass is weak.

Every time Anker releases headphones, it's a little bit, but seeing that they are gradually improving, I think they can show a little better in future products.

If you have the previous Q35, it is a product that does not necessarily need to be changed. Anyone who has the previous Life Q20 or Q30 or earlier models will be highly satisfied when switching to this product.


This post ends here.

I hope the information covered in this post was helpful to those who needed it.



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