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Unboxing and components of the Anker SoundCore Space Q45 white model, which is different from Q35

Anker Soundcore Space Q45 White Model Unboxing Summary

Anker, which I added as a channel to KakaoTalk, was also notified that a year-end discount product would be released, and since I could only buy Space White Edition on Naver Shopping Live, I made an impulse purchase. What we're going to look at this time is the white model of the Anker SoundCore Space Q45 headphones among the components included in the Space White Edition.

I thought it would be a different color from the regular white model because it was included in the space white edition, but in the end it was the same color as the regular white model. The color is a mixture of white plastic and silver, and the silver is a light color, so I think the whole is white, and it gives a luxurious feeling.

The box has a slightly larger size than the previous Q35, and the design is similar to the previous one. The components are the same except for the missing connection jack that can be used in the aircraft that was in the previous Q35.

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box appearance

The box has a slightly larger size than the previous Q35, and the design is similar to the previous one.

On the front, a picture of the product, the model name, and a phrase emphasizing the main feature of the product, the noise canceling function and extended usage time, are printed.

Printed on the back is a description of the product's key features, including adaptive noise cancellation, reduced noise reduction, 50 hours of playtime, and improved call capabilities with two microphones.

On the side, the phrase "Sound loved by 20 million people around the world" and the fact that the product's noise cancellation has been strengthened and has been certified by SGS are printed on the side.

At the top, there is a plastic that can be hung when displaying the product, and a sticker with the serial number of the product printed on it.

At the bottom, various certification marks of the product, company address and composition are printed.


The box of the Anker Soundcore Space Q45 headphones is wrapped in vinyl just like the Q35 before it, so you have to tear the vinyl to open it. After removing the vinyl, hold the upper box and shake it gently, and the lower box will come off, allowing you to take out the product.

Inside the box, there is a case for storing headphones, and when you take out the case, the manual is fixed in a grooved place at the bottom. If you open the zipper of the case, you can see the components. The way the headphones are fixed is the same as the previous Q35, which is the same as Sony's noise canceling headphones, the WH1000XM4.

Inside the case, the charging cable and the 3.5 pi gold-plated cable used for wired connection are placed on one side, but the pouch for the cable that was in the Q35 is omitted.

Anker Soundcore Space Q45 White Model Components

Except for the manual, all components are included in the storage case. It is the same configuration except for the missing connection jack that can be used in the aircraft that was in the previous Q35.

The components are a storage case, a 3.5 pi gold-plated cable for wired connection, a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for charging, manuals and precautions, and the headphone body.

The manual is foldable and organized in such a way as to have one picture and explanation per page. There is one explanation per page, and it is explained in multiple languages, but there is also Korean.

Anker Soundcore Space Q45 White Model Appearance

The case of the Anker Soundcore Space Q45 headphone white model is the same white as the headphone color. Unlike the Q35, which was a suede-like material, the case is made of softly coated artificial leather. As will be covered in the review, the weight of the case has increased slightly due to the change in material.

The matte white faux leather case has a luxurious feel. The case can be opened and closed using a zipper. The Soundcore logo is engraved on the zipper as well. The case also has a small handle to hang your fingers on.

The outside of the headphone unit is white on the inside, the rim is made of silver plastic, and the logo of the shiny silver soundcore is engraved in the center.

On the bottom of the right unit, there are play, volume up/down buttons and a jack to connect a 3.5 pi cable. Beneath it is a hole drilled into what I believe will be the microphone highlighted on the box.

At the bottom of the left unit, there is a USB Type-C port for charging, a power button, and a noise canceling toggle button.

The lower part of the white paper is silver, and what was connected to the outer rim in the previous work is retracted inside the unit like the Sony WH1000XM5. And unlike the Sony WH1000XM5, the way the unit can be folded remains the same. The white paper part that connects to the unit is the same silver color used for the frame, but it seems that aluminum is used instead of plastic.

The head cushion is composed similarly to the previous one, but it is a little thinner and a little softer than the previous one.

L and R are printed on the inside of the unit to distinguish left and right, so you can easily distinguish left and right.

The design of the product is generally similar to the previous Soundcore Life Q35 model, but partially changed. Most of them have changed in a better way compared to the previous one, but one unfortunate part is that the head cushion part is thinner than the previous one, so it seems to put pressure on the head when worn.


This post ends here.

I hope the information covered in this post was helpful to those who needed it.


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